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The Classy Gentleman's Guide to Maximizing His Experience with Mona Bardot

So, you're a gentleman, of course, and you always treat a lady with respect. You are also clever enough to know that the more comfortable you make me, the better your experience will be. I feel extra valued and comfy when you take the time to familiarize yourself with my expectations and my preferences. These can be loosely categorized into Etiquette, Hygiene, and Deportment. And (conveniently) here they are!


-Be on time, or be 5 minutes late, but please don't be early. I have allocated every minute to ensuring that I, and my space, are perfectly prepared for your arrival.

-Leave on time(ish). As a low-volume companion, I never schedule "back to back" appointments. Although I am very busy in my life outside of this work, I often will have some extra time to allow our appointment to come to a conclusion that feels natural. I would prefer you to also be aware of the time, so that I don't have to be embarrassed by asking you to leave. If we do end up spending a significant amount of extra time, the classy thing to do is to tip me for it.

-Ideally, you'll pay my fee before I have to ask you for it. I am not too fussy about how exactly you pay me. Place my fee in my hand, or on the counter, as far as I'm concerned it's all good. With that said, placing my fee in an unsealed envelope left discreetly on the counter is the ultimate sign of good taste. Taking care of this at the beginning of our visit helps our time together flow in the most natural fashion.


-I'll offer you a shower, so please don't hesitate to use it if you need it. The more squeaky-clean we are, the more fun we can have!

-Your breath should be minty-fresh! I have mouthwash available, or pop a mint or a piece of gum. Please be aware that eating any strongly flavoured foods before our meeting will diminish my enthusiasm.

-Smokers, please do take advantage of my facilities. Have a quick shower and a rise with mouthwash, and we'll be able to enjoy our session to the utmost.


-Your manners are the most important thing you can bring on a date with me! In fact, I screen based on how mannerly and respectful your communication is. I believe that the respect we show one another through our deportment, how we conduct ourselves, builds a foundation of trust between us. The more respectful we are to one another, the more we can trust one another, the more comfortable we are with each other, and the more FUN we can have together!

But please, don't think that I will act all stiff and formal with you. Far from it! Ultimately, I just want you to be your charming self, and for us to have a really great time.

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