• Mona Bardot

Love in the Time of Covid-19

When the pandemic hit, I did my part to flatten the curve. I stopped offering intimate companionship immediately, and filled my days with essential work, caring for vulnerable members of our community. Through this bizarre time, I've found reasons to be grateful. But I've so missed my lovers!

Vancouver Island continues to be lucky in the way we've been impacted by the virus. We currently have no active cases, and there appears to be no transmission within our community at this time. We are in our third week of Phase 2 of our reopening strategy. So...

Starting June 15th I will be accepting two exclusive appointments per week.

I will only be able to meet with people who have been on Vancouver Island for the past 14 days, until we are able to see how the relaxing of restrictions has affected Covid-19 transmission in the rest of British Columbia. I will also ask you about the health and travel of the people within your close circle.

Outside of our special times together, I do not have any close personal contacts, and I take reasonable steps to minimize my risk.

I will continue to sanitize all surfaces and knobs before your arrival. Basically anything you touch will have been cleaned with a bleach solution.

Due to the extra time I'll require for the extra-thorough deep cleaning before your arrival, I will no longer be able to accommodate short notice booking. Please give me at least 24 hours notice.

I have a no-penalty, no guilt cancellation policy. If you are feeling even a little unwell prior to our meeting, I appreciate you cancelling or rescheduling. I will accord you the same respect. Rest assured you will only meet me at 100% health.

We must agree to notify each other if either one of us develops Covid symptoms within 48 hours after our meeting.

I have raised my hourly rate slightly to maintain the exclusivity of my twice-weekly dates, and thus to minimize my personal contacts. Please visit my rates page to see my new rate structure. I have kept the rates for my longer appointments the same, hopefully to encourage more cuddling.

I am planning to tour BC in July and August, when I expect provincial restrictions on non-essential travel to have lifted. Look for my announcement of tentative cities and dates on Twitter.

Thanks for your support. It means the world. Stay safe!